Group 4

UAB „Adera„ the company based in Siauliai, thathas been successfully operating for 14 years, is mostly known to men.Honestly, since allday employees of the company thoughts and ideas, efforts were made to the male clients. For them are made knitted and sewed sweaters, scarfs and hats, vests. The men are happy, because the clothes are not only practical, but fashionable and modern. Creating new models, is often one step ahead – one or another haircut, colour action, materialof the texture gives distinction to a sweater, a jacket. They are becoming popular and enter the market in a year or two.
It is important the forecasting and respect for fashion trends. An unobtrusive approach to the buyer allows us to compete with other manufacturers and be higher. It is extremely difficult to survive in these times, it is more difficult once in a while –to remain working successfully.